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"Transformational coaching" refers to a specific process that we can do together, in one session or as part of a longer coaching partnership.

We're all made out of different "parts".

Have you ever heard yourself say "Part of me wants this, but another part of me would prefer... that." 


Or perhaps you have an "inner critic", an "over-sensitive" part, or a "creative part" longing to be set free? 

Transformational coaching helps you meet a specific part and create a new relationship with it.
Getting to know its
 drives, tensions, fears and desires, you will finally be able to make new choices, and liberate yourself from these out-dated limiting patterns of thoughts and behaviors.


You can take the process with you after our sessions, and become an (he)artful SELF-LEADER.

Transformational coaching works at a deep level and therefore brings sustainable changes.  

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