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1 : 1 coaching

You aspire to manage and lead better : your life, your team.

Change requires leadership, which requires a fine balance between realism and idealism.

And that balance requires a step back. A dive into deep time. A special connexion with yourself. 


"Truthfully, what's the current state of affairs here?"  (I can meet you exactly where you are.)

"What better scenario do I have the power to envision?"

Offering yourself a personal coach can greatly facilitate, accelerate, and secure your growth.
You provide the destination.

I'll provide the process and the tools. You'll provide the results.
I can be your accountability partner.

I'll provide you with a special kind of presence and listening that invites you to be honest and courageous towards yourself.  I'll offer powerful questions. I'll offer exercises and processes that are meant to open up and actually taste your full potential. 


I'll can act as a sounding board, a reflexive partner.


​Coaching won't be "magical." The process is a commitment to yourself.

If you feel that the time has come, it'll be a deep honor for me to be your self-leadership coach !

A bit more information

Coaching can happen punctually or over a period of time.
A contract of 6 months generally works really well, as it provides continuity and helps you to integrate transformation, and actually measure and fine tune your results.


The frequency of sessions can vary according to the nature and context of your goal(s).

Though deep insights and experiences often happen during sessions, the work also continues as you apply your new self in your daily actions and interactions.

Real change is embodied.

- - -

It is recommended you to contact a few coaches in order to select someone you feel most comfortable with.

You can book a 30-minute, free discovery/chemistry call with me.  I'll invite you to tell me a bit about your challenges and about your goals. You can obviously ask me any question you have.

And we can both decide if we feel like partnering up.

Rita McParland, Toronto

Director Clients Services/Corporate Parnerships

« I found Eve's coaching technique very useful. She gave me a different perspective on how to approach various management challenges, including how to challenge myself and look at things through a different lense. I found her coaching very relevant and would recommend her as a professional coach. »

Simon Larouche, 


Founding director, Syma Coaching

« Ève is a profound, creative, and powerful coach. She is thoroughly equipped and demonstrates great professionalism. I highly recommend her without any hesitation for any coaching or training endeavor.»

Stéphanie Gagné-Clermont, Sherbrooke/Nicaragua

Multidisciplinary artist

« Ève is extraordinary. Every session with her helps me grow deeply and assists me in understanding and overcoming my challenges. A huge thank you for your work, dedication, involvement, good humor, gentleness, humanity, questions, strategies, and tools that reach my playful, creative side and my childlike heart. Together, we are doing important work. Thank you for accompanying me.»
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