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Holon : un tout et une partie d'un Tout

Systemic approaches consider individuals as integral parts of larger systems (family, couple, team, cultural group, etc.) which influence them, and which they influence in return.

So systemic coaching takes so-called "individual" problems within their relational CONTEXT.

We focus the work on the "I-and-I", which is the space of relationships, also referred as "the field".

One great news is : it only takes one person to transform (you) ... for the entire system to also get modified.

This is why I talk about LEADERSHIP.


And to me, personal development work is social, cultural and political development.


Aligning in our personal value and agency,

taking responsibility for our communication and our actions,


and cultivating healthy relationships: 


it all contributes a big deal to world we live in.

*An in-dividual is also in itself a system, made of physical and psychic parts.

Philosopher A.Koestler coined the term "holon" to describe this fact of reality:

Everything is simultaneously a WHOLE and a PART OF A WHOLE

Systemic services offered
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Solo systemic

1-on-1 systemic coaching

Coaching existentiel, contemplation, sens de la Vie.
Duo systemic

Systemic coaching for partners

Coaching de couple ou de partenaires
  • Coaching for couples

  • Coaching for business partners

Team systemic

Systemic coaching

Leadership regénératif.

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