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Collective learning spaces

Way back in elementary school, I already knew I was going to be a teacher.

(Though I also wanted to be a tightrope walker, or a detective, or a comic book artist, etc.)

I was a soccer coach for a bit. During university, I was teacher's assistant for the International Relations 101 course. Then, I taught physical theater.  Whatever I'm passionate about, I end up teaching.

I formalized my teaching skills by getting an andragogy certification from the University of Montreal.


I have worked with humans learning at at levels: toddler years, primary, secondary and adult education.

Today, I have the immense privilege of joining the SYMA coaching professional coaching school, founded in 2020.




I also offer various one-time workshops. 

You have a specific idea or need and would like me to create a customized activity for you? Feel free to reach out!

Workshops & Conferences

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